North Central Cloud rebrands to NowCloud

In 2011 NCTC completed construction on a state of the art, secure, tier III data center.  Originally, the data center was developed to support the expansion of fiber throughout NCTC’s service footprint.  However, through the forward thinking of its leadership team, they quickly decided that the network, infrastructure, and execution team were already in place to provide data center and cloud services to business customers across the US.  In mid-2012, North Central Cloud was born.  It was an infrastructure as a service and disaster recovery as a solution that offered our local customers the ability to host virtual machines and backup data within the data center.  Along with standard IaaS and DRaaS services, the North Central Cloud would, like its parent company, keep customers at the center of its mindset.

As time marched on the landscape of the hosting environment changed significantly and the therefore the offering of North Central Cloud needed to be updated accordingly.  Along with updating the portfolio, the leadership of NCTC made the decision to expand the cloud sales staff to better serve existing customers and to expand the cloud footprint throughout the US.  With all of the changes, management made the choice to rebrand the cloud offering in its entirety.  Not only would this new brand adapt to the landscape, but it would itself change the landscape of cloud services.

North Central Cloud became NowCloud- a better way to cloud.  The decision for NowCloud to keep a customer centric view was made quickly.  With that in mind how could NowCloud’s portfolio provide a holistic approach to the cloud?  Three simple tenants were developed to answer that question- agility, mobility, and security.  It was from these three pillars that NowCloud began to build its portfolio.

NowCloud is now a self-service, web-scale Cloud Broker for customers who want to leverage:

  • Capacity-on-demand – choose from on-prem Hyper-Scale computing or Public Cloud at extremely competitive prices.
  • Compliance-as-a-Service – enable any and all of your workloads to be automatically assessed against DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), CIS, SOX, PCXI, and HIPAA compliance standards, together with true SecDevOps approach to security.
  • Patching-as-a-Service – ability to patch Windows, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux, SuSe, AIX, HP-UX, or any other major operating system from a single, self-service platform.
  • Business Continuity – use NowCloud’s economic and all-inclusive backup strategies for off premise data protection or leverage our zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) / near zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) capability at a fraction of existing solutions.

All of this can be offered by NowCloud, because we operate in a Gigabit-certified WAN.  We can easily provide on-premises self-service cloud for workloads hosted in your data center or in ours.

As we complete this rebranding process, we invite you to join us with a no-cost 48 hour trial.  Simply use the promo code: NOWCLOUDBLOG for access.

Matt Shouse is a solutions engineer with NowCloud—a better way to cloud. He has been providing IT solutions to solve customer pain points for over 5 years.

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