The Ever Evolving Cloud Industry

I have read numerous articles (one of which we linked on our social media channels last week) over the last few weeks from blog writers, industry analysts, and resellers discussing the pain points around moving to the cloud.  Each one of these articles admit that cloud computing was a major component in the future of enterprise functionality.  However, each also pointed out numerous issues which arise from moving to the cloud.

According to these articles, the only way to solve these issues was spending large amounts of a customer’s yearly budget.  Even after spending a large portion of your cloud budget with migration and transition to a cloud consumption model, many of these articles discussed the security gaps and management difficulties which occur when moving to the cloud.

While it’s true most vendors issues around security, compliance, management do exist; with NowCloud, they become a thing of the past.  NowCloud is a self-service, hybrid cloud model that makes transitions to the cloud painless and seamless.  Let’s take a look at some of features that NowCloud offers.

New Capabilities

Feature: One of the biggest reasons any enterprise moves to the cloud is to take advantage of new capabilities that cloud providers can offer.  The cloud can provide rapid scale, elastic workload, and geolocation benefits.  In addition, more advanced vendors can offer patching or compliance scans as a service.

Problem: Often times to take full advantage these features requires paying extra monthly costs to have a member of that cloud service provider’s team push the buttons and turn the dials for you.  Not only is extra cost a concern, but in addition you must complete these processes on the cloud provider’s schedule.

Solution: At NowCloud our offering is entirely self-service.  While we will absolutely provide as much ‘hand holding’ as required by your team, we encourage customers to take advantage of our self-service features.  Not only are the standard features like hyper scale and elasticity self-service, our more advanced features such as monitoring, autoscaling,  compliance , and Patching-as-a-Service/Vulnerability-as-a-Service can be done via a customer driven model as well.

Management (On Premise and off Premise)

Feature: Most cloud providers have a very in depth, multi-function cloud orchestrator that allows customers to create virtual machines, scale them both up and down, and manage your overall cloud workload environment.  Cloud infrastructure services, similar to your on premise datacenter environment, generate tons of data, events and alerts that need to be analyzed.

Problem: The issue that arises in many cases is customers are completely overwhelmed by having to manage their on premise and off premise cloud resources from separate interfaces.  In addition, customers must manage alerts and data from both.

Solution: NowCloud’s cloud orchestrator allows you to manage both on premise cloud and off premise cloud on the same pane of glass.  NowCloud truly offers a hybrid cloud management solution allowing customers the ability to create and scale virtual machines, receive and remedy alerts, and generate and analyze data all from a single, easy to use interface.


Feature: On demand cloud services that allow you scale your virtual machines up or down at any moment sound wonderful.  However, the issue that many raise with any cloud provider is the security aspect.  Any CSP worth their salt will do everything within their power to keep their boundaries well defined and protected.

Problem: As a customer, most times you have no ability to test the security of your network beyond paying a high priced IT security provider to come in and do a costly network scan on your environment.  Most of these providers charge high fees to provide a scan of on premise equipment and also your cloud environment.  That is if their scanning software works in conjunction with the cloud service orchestrator your cloud provider uses.

Solution: NowCloud provides a true SecDevOps approach to each layer of our cloud platform.  Not only can you complete self-service security scans on your off premise cloud environment, but you can complete these scans on your local environment as well.  After the scan is complete you get real world data that is easy to interpret.  From here you can perform the necessary changes to make your cloud environment (both on premise and off) more secure.  Of course, our security industry experts are always at the ready to assist in every step of this process.

As the cloud industry continually changes and evolves over time, NowCloud will continue to aid our customers in ensuring their cloud experience is one that is not only easy to manage, but also fully secure and feature rich.  NowCloud is simply a better way to cloud.

  • Matt Shouse is a Solutions Engineer with NowCloud.  He has over 6 years of industry related experience

NowCloud Security provides Continous Compliance for GoldenEye and Petya

A little over a month after WannaCry affected hundreds of thousands of devices around the world, world-wide news is reporting that a new “massive ransomware campaign” that revolves around a member of the GoldenEye and WannaCry ransomware family is “currently unfolding worldwide.”

GoldenEye is particularly nasty because it’s more thorough than other ransomware. In addition to encrypting individual files, GoldenEye also encrypts NTFS structures and “has a specialized routine that forcefully crashes the computer to trigger a reboot.” There’s currently no workaround–if your device is affected by GoldenEye, you’ll either have to cough up the $300 ransom or bid farewell to that particular computer.

Don’t be caught this time around  wondering if your systems are vulnerable in a reactive manner.  We at NowCloud are continually tracking DSS, FBI, US-CERT, and other sources for the latest news on vulnerabilities which impact you.

Our latest video shows a quick glimpse into our new service, NowCloud Security which provides real-time and proactive assessment and remediation of your environment for the latest vulnerabilities.  In addition to providing you with an automated, continuous compliance approach for managing vulnerabilities, NowCloud maintains a up-to-date catalog of detection techniques, and remediation mechanisms, which provides you with instant visibility to impact to your organization.

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